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Kambuzi Sauce

Hi everyone,

I’d like to welcome you to the Kambuzi blog. My name is Sami Ascott, the proud founder of Kambuzi. Kambuzi is a Malawian chilli of the peri peri chilli family, and it grows in abundance in Malawi. My mission is to introduce this firey yet tasty chilli sauce to the masses worldwide, not as a blistering chilli, but as a sauce mixed with a variety of herbs to make it a beautiful taste of what Malawi has to offer. The Kambuzi product can be used as a sandwich spread, a dip or marinade depending on how you like it. The flexibilty and flavour it offers means it caters to all who like a bit of fire in their food. Please follow us on this blog or facebook, and i will happily send you a sample of this magnificent sauce.

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Sami Ascott


Email: samiascott@live.co.uk

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